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Selmer SBS311

Manufacturer Part #:  SBS311

Designed from the artisan Selmer Paris saxophones, the Selmer SBS311 premium student baritone saxophone features the signature Selmer tone. The rose brass neck combined with a fully ribbed construction creates a rich, warm, and projecting sound. An elegant hand engraving adorns the beautiful gold lacquer, durable nickel plating is on the key work, and the iconic Selmer tri-point bell brace completes its beautiful finish. Several upgrades were made including the palm key placement and use of premium Pisoni leather pads. Carefully adjusted blue steel needle springs create a light and fast key action for demanding technical passages. Additionally, a 3-phase tone hole leveling process guarantees precisely level tone holes for long-lasting pad seating and stability. Every Selmer saxophone is professionally set up, play-tested, and optimally adjusted at the Conn-Selmer Woodwind Factory located in Elkhart, Indiana.

Rich, warm, projecting tone
Sturdy Construction
Advanced ergonomics for ease of reach and playability
Beautiful finish and engraving
Light and fast key action

Model: SBS311
Manufacturer: Selmer

Brass Lacquered Symphony Low A

Manufacturer Part #:  SBS311
Weight:  35.20
Regular Price: $8,749.00
On Sale For: $5,839.00

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