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Here's an expressive and unique view of our Jazz Masters Mural

through the eyes of artist/animator Matt Carlson.







Our Jazz Masters mural, painted by Indianapolis artist extraordinaire Pamela Bliss as part of the city’s effort to honor and welcome Superbowl XLVI, depicts musicians who played on the historic Indiana Avenue when the district was lively with music venues during the 50’s and 60’s.

The mural was one facet of an extensive city beautification project known as the “46 for XLVI ” program, which was a partnership between the Arts Council of Indianapolis and the City of Indianapolis.
46 for XLVI was created to elevate the arts and culture of the City in preparation for Super Bowl XLVI. Over the course of the program both local and national artists created 46 murals around Marion County. We are grateful to have been a part of this beautifully executed program.

Most of the musicians in the mural developed their skills on “the avenue” and went on to great success and fame. Most of these gentlemen were also friends and customers of Musician’s Repair & Sales . Photographer Duncan Schiedt documented all of these jazz greats while frequenting the avenue district and supplied most of the photos for the imagery.

Pamela Bliss
Pamela has over 25 years of experience creating murals, portraiture and other figurative and landscape works in realism.  She has created many exterior large scale murals and smaller interior murals. She paints corporate style portraiture or portraits in personal or fun settings.  She works in oils and acrylics on canvas and uses latex house paint for exterior works.  She has a Masters of Arts Administration degree and has been teaching studio arts and art history in the Indiana University system since 1998.

Jimmy Coe, Duncan Schiedt, Pamela Bliss, Freddy Hubbard, J.J. Johnson, Wes Montgomery, Dr. David Baker, Slide Hampton, Larry Ridley, David Young

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